Destructive Self Defense

Could of been something great. John Everything he did was so right, yet everything he said was wrong. He was the guy that opened the door. He would pump the gas for me. Carry anything for me, luggage, groceries, or food. Put his arm over my shoulder as we walked. If I was feeling shy, […]

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Most of the world kicks off a new year, with attempting to create an improved version of theirselves. Whether it be working out, dieting, or overall change of lifestyle. I went for something I have never tried before. My determination for change has drove me to an overall feel of empowerment. First, I removed toxic […]

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First blog post. Hello

Thank you for visiting my blog. April 2017 I’m going ┬ámy blog by sharing experiences. Mostly answering common questions many ask about my self. Everything non-fiction, but names will be changed lol blah blah blah. All honesty my horoscope suggested creative writing. A friend said, “start a blog”. Months later here I am. Hope you take each of my story’s as a learning experience just as I have.

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